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Grace and Peace to you from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ!


Faith Lutheran is committed to teaching the Word of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Come and worship with us as we share the GOOD NEWS with all who would listen.  See what we believe and practice as an LCMS congregation.  


Sunday Worship Schedule

8:30 a.m. - Traditional Worship Service

11:15 a.m. - Contemporary Worship & Praise Service

Holy Communion is celebrated the 1st, 3rd, and 5th
Sunday of each month

Child care is available for both services and during Bible class.

Sunday School and Adult Bible Classes

The Education Hour starts at 10:00 am.  The children meet in the sanctuary for their opening and then go to classes.  Adults can attend classes in the Cedar and Cyprus rooms.

October to December Extended Calendar        October Newsletter
Please click on the button above for a detailed calendar of activities and events.

The Quick Calendar

Thu Oct 8 10:00 am 3M's Bible study
Sat Oct 10 7:30 am Men of Faith
    9:00 am Confirmation
      Prayer Shawl Ministry
Sun Oct 11 8:30 am Worship
    10:00 am Education hour
    11:15 am Contemporary worship
    1;00 pm Essentials class
    6:00 pm Youth Night - Riff Off
Tue Oct 13 6:45 pm All Boards meeting
Thu Oct 15 10:00 am 3M's Bible study
Sat Oct 17 8:00 am Discipling training
Sun Oct 18 8:30 am Worship with Holy Communion
    10:00 am Education hour
    11:15 am Contemporary worship with Holy Communion, LCEF presentation
    6:00 pm Youth Night - Service Project
Tue Oct 20 6:00 pm Church council meeting
Wed Oct 21 6:00 pm Handbell practice
    7:00 pm Choir practice
Thu Oct 22 10:00 am 3M's Bible study
    11:30 am Pinochle
    7:15 pm Ensemble practice
Sat Oct 24   Harvest Carnival
Sun Oct 25 8:30 am Worship
    10:00 am Education hour
    11:15 am Contemporary worship
    1;00 pm Essentials class
    6:00 pm Youth Night - Corn Maze
Wed Oct 28 6:00 pm Handbell practice
    7:00 pm Choir practice
Thu Oct 29 10:00 am 3M's Bible study
    7:15 pm Ensemble practice
Sat Oct 31   Turn clocks back 1 hour

Important Events Farther in the Future


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Notes from Pastor Matt

Dear Faith Family,

Preparing for a trip—depending on the distance and duration—is a lot of work.  There are bags to pack, plans to make, couches to surf and so on.  People have asked me if I’m excited about our upcoming trip to Europe.  And the answer at present is a qualified no.  It feels like there’s too much to do before we go.  But once we get on that plane, then it’s going to be very exciting! 

Whether we travel on this planet is a matter of choice.  But all of us will make the trip from this world to the next.  And I want people to be prepared for it.  Sometimes I tell people who know they are near to the end of their life to keep their bags packed—there’s a journey ahead.  But the truth is we all should be ready because we never know when our time will come, only that it will.  Ministry, then, is in one way a revealing of how we’re being prepared for this destination of eternal life.  It’s also a warning to those who have yet to repent and trust Jesus for salvation; they are headed to a destination most undesirable. 

One time, a man seated next to me on a plane, realized he was on the wrong flight.  How that happened, I don’t know.  But it turns out there’s a difference between Portland, Oregon, and Portland, Maine.  He stood up and left—a little embarrassed, but greatly relieved he didn’t make this realization at 30,000 feet.  

Do people know where they are going with regard to eternity?   The words of Jesus in John 14 deserve the attention of the traveler.  “And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also.”   This is a wonderful verse because it assures us we’ll be with Jesus forever.  But I also like it because the preparation, the planning and the performance are all Christ’s doing.  He’ll do it all.  Unlike every other journey we go on, it won’t be a journey away from home, but to it!  It’s where we belong.  We get to enjoy the trip of an eternal lifetime! 

There’s plenty of work to do as well as things to see and people to know.  But Jesus is coming.  Keep your bags packed. 

In Christ,


Pastor Matt Henry   


Faith Communications

Want to tell the rest of the congregation, and others, about what’s happening in your committee or group?  Try one of these:

Sunday Bulletin: Submit your announcement in writing to the church office secretary (Becky) by Wednesday noon for the following Sunday. Becky’s email address is

Monthly Newsletter: Submit your article to the church office secretary (Becky) by the 20th of the month of the month prior to publication. E.g. If you want it in the April newsletter, Becky needs to have it by March 20.

Church Council Agenda Item: Submit the agenda item by the Sunday before the church council meeting. Please include a brief description of the issue or item, how much time you want, and who will speak to council.

Web Site: Submit your item, photo, or article you want included in the web site to  If you don’t want to write that down, go to the web site, click on the Contact Us button, and click on Webmaster.

 Pastor's Sermons 
Congregational  Covenant

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Bibles have been ordered and are on their way.  If you have not already do so, please turn in your payment to the church office.
Activities - Events - News

The great cloud of witnesses encourage us when we know what they faced and how they persevered.  Come, learn their story!  Join Pastor and crew in the Cedar room at 10 am.

Preschool: Robyn Farris
Early Elementary: Tami Dahlgren
Upper Elementary: Laura White
Middle School: Michael Godat
High School: Kenzie Carpenter

Thank you to Pastor Ted Kriefall for preaching and Laura White for delivering the Children’s message October 4.

Interim giving statements for January 1, 2015 through September 20 are in your mail boxes.  The statements indicate the end date is September 27, which is wrong.  If you have any questions about your statement please contact Gene Hansen, 923-1692.


10/4 - Fear Factor
10/11 - Riff Off
10/18 - Service project
10/25 - Corn maze

All youth grades 6-12 are invited from 6-8pm in the community center.  Contact Kenzie for more information

Threads of Faith will not meet in October, November, or December.  Meetings will resume on the third Saturday of January 2016.

We raised more than $26,844 (of the $28,000 goal) to fund the DCE Intern position, January-December 2015.  School has now begun and Kenzie will be the after-school “homework club” supervisor for our older students.  Since this is a school position and a significant designation of her workweek (12 of the 40 hrs.), the school dollars now put us over the top of what’s needed for this position.  Thanks for your generous support!
The recent undercover video investigation into Planned Parenthood has revealed a well-entrenched culture of death and profit.  What can we do as people who love life?  Answer: take part in the Forty Days for Life!  The campaign starts September 23 and concludes on November 1.  You are invited to take a peaceful and loving stand for life by praying outside a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.  The most recent campaign (February 18 - March 29) showed God at work responding to the prayers of 75,000 people gathered at 252 abortion clinics in 20 different countries:  632 lives were saved from abortion and 11 abortion workers quit!  Prayer works.  Be part of the pro-life movement by taking action.  Learn more at
How can as little as $25 turn into $35,000+ for Faith?  When enough people take just $25 and invest it with Lutheran Church Extension Fund.  LCEF is our ministry partner through whom we have recently refinanced our mortgage.  They are offering an amazing rebate program to us called “Shared Blessings.”  We already have 21 LCEF investment accounts in the congregation right now (it used to be only 11).  But what if we had more?  Take a look at the rebate we could earn over five years.    
New Accounts                    Estimated Rebate
25 (total 46)                       $17,790
55 (total 76)                       $26,686
85 (total 106)                     $35,581
The money in the account is still yours to manage and use of course, whether it is a youth savings account, emergency account, fixed term note, CD.  Rates of return are very competitive and probably better than your bank or credit union.  On October 18, Rob Wickord will be here at Faith to explain the program more fully.  You can learn more about the details at  This is a great one-time opportunity for Faith!  But this is only a five year window and the clock began ticking when we refinanced earlier this year.  So let’s be good stewards in how we save.   These LCEF accounts have great ability!
Bump!  Set!  Spike!  Sign up by October 4 for the new adult volleyball league held Monday nights at the South Sound Sports Center in Tumwater.  Must be 13 years or older.  The 7 week Pre-season begins Monday, November 2 followed by the 7 week regular season.  The more players the lower the cost! Sign-up sheet located in the info center.

Faith Lutheran School is now holding their fall fundraiser through October 9.  From cookie dough to wrapping paper and gifts, ask any FLS family to see the catalog!
Time to start thinking of Choir, Handbells and Ensemble for the Christmas season.  We need voices, instruments and those to play them!  Rehearsal dates are set.  Handbells will meet Wednesday nights starting October 21 6:00-7:00.  Choir immediately follows from 7:00-8:30.  Ensemble will be Thursday nights beginning October 22 from 7:15-8:30.  For more information or to inquire about child-care or ride sharing, contact Lisa Thiesse (cell) 360-349-3437, (home) 360-455-8103.

Safeway has withdrawn from eScrip which means the school will no longer be receiving money as people shopped and linked their Club Card.  Instead, Safeway will be offering grants for particular projects as groups, such as PIE, apply for them.  Thanks for those who helped raised thousands of dollars each year for the school.  You can still earn money (1% of total) as you shop at Fred Meyer by signing up for Community Rewards.  All you need is an e-mail account to sign up at  Faith’s code is 81228.

If you have a couple extra minutes in your day you would like to devote to helping others, here is your chance!  A new confirmation class has started so we need new prayer warriors for our confirmands.  It’s a fun and important support for our 7th and 8th grade teens.  Contact Marie Koehler for more information at 360-438-6885.

If you are in high school, you are invited for free coffee with Kenzie every Sunday from 1-3 at Cutter's Point on Pacific. Bring a friend and come say hi and tell me about your week.


If you would like to receive Pastor’s sermons by e-mail, simply drop him a note at and he will add you to the distribution list!  Sermons may also be found on Faith’s website.


Faith comes by hearing and you can hear the sung and spoken Word on many radio stations.  On the FM dial, check out 90.5 KACS, 88.1 Air One and Spirit 105.3.   Program in a Christian radio stations that suits you and your family.  You never know when God may use just the right message for just the right time.

If you would like your giving contributions automatically withdrawn from your bank account, contact Jenn Bache at 491-3552 or

Parents, looking for a website for children that you can trust? Visit for games, puzzles, crafts, recipes, Bible stories and more. This is a great combination of faith and fun that your child (and you) will appreciate. Thanks to Lutheran Hour Ministries for helping to "raise up families and followers of Jesus Christ"!