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Grace and Peace to you from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ!


Faith Lutheran is committed to teaching the Word of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Come and worship with us as we share the GOOD NEWS with all who would listen.  See what we believe and practice as an LCMS congregation.  


Sunday Worship Schedule

8:30 a.m. - Traditional Worship Service

11:15 a.m. - Contemporary Worship & Praise Service

Holy Communion is celebrated the 1st, 3rd, and 5th
Sunday of each month

Child care is available for both services and during Bible class.

Sunday School and Adult Bible Classes

The Education Hour starts at 10:00 am.  The children meet in the sanctuary for their opening and then go to classes.  Adults can attend classes in the Cedar room.

May - July Extended Calendar        May Newsletter
Please click on the button above for a detailed calendar of activities and events.

The Quick Calendar

Sat May 21 9:00 am Threads of Faith
Sun May 22 8:30 am Traditional worship
    10:00 am Education hour
    11:15 am Contemporary worship
    6:00 pm Youth - End of year party
Tue May 24 6:00 pm Church council
Thu May 26 10:00 am 3M's Bible study and lunch
    11:30 am Pinochle
Sat May 28 9:00 am Paul Maier Seminar - "Crescent and the Cross"
Sun May 29 8:30 am Traditional worship with Holy Communion
    10:00 am Education hour
    11:15 am Contemporary worship with Holy Communion
Mon May 30   Memorial Day
Tue May 31 7:00 pm Confirmation Exam
Sat Jun 4 5:00 pm Mrs Broman's retirement party
Sun Jun 5 8:30 am Traditional worship with Holy Communion
    10:00 am Education hour
    11:15 am Contemporary worship with Holy Communion - Confirmation Sunday
Wed Jun 8 7:00 pm 8th grade graduation
Sat Jun 11 7:30 am Men of Faith
    5:05 pm Family night out
Sun Jun 12 8:30 am Traditional worship
    10:00 am Education hour
    11:15 am Contemporary worship
Tue Jun 14 6:45 pm All boards meetings
Sun Jun 19 8:30 am Traditional worship with Holy Communion
    10:00 am Education hour
    11:15 am Contemporary worship with Holy Communion
Mon Jun 20 9;00 am Vacation Bible School
Tue Jun 21 9:00 am Vacation Bible School
    6:00 pm Church council
Wed Jun 22 9:00 am Vacation Bible School
Thu Jun 23 9:00 am Vacation Bible School
    10:00 a,m Pinochle - no 3M's Bible study
Fri Jun 24 9:00 am Vacation Bible School

Important Events Farther in the Future

Thu - Sun Aug 4 - 7   Church campout


Notes from Pastor Matt

May, 2016

Dear Faith Family,

                A young man whom I had never met before recently visited my office.  Since he was a firmly committed skeptic, I will call him Thomas, in honor of the prove-it-to-me disciple.  Thomas was conducting a personal study of pastors in the area.  He asked me why I believed in Jesus. 

                What would you say?  I started off with this world as evidence of a Creator.  Its beauty, design and complexity all point to an Author of life.  But Thomas was very much a proponent of evolution.  I told him I believed because of personal experiences in my life, having a relationship with God who saves, as well as seeing transformation in the lives of people.  But these reasons were too subjective for an objective person.  I talked about accounts of the resurrection and how Jesus appeared to the original Thomas and the disciples, as well as 500 other people.  But that idea was dismissed by my skeptic interviewer because I was just trusting in what the Bible said.  I told him I believed the Bible was true because it was so profound, so counter-intuitive and yet enduring and I appreciated how archaeology, astronomy, history, literature all support the Bible’s timeline and account.  I mentioned much more, including the heaven and hell implications of what we believe.  Yet Thomas was less than impressed.  Eventually we arrived at the resurrection as the linchpin of the faith.  And it didn’t really hit me of how hard a skeptic he was until he told me plainly, “Jesus is dead.” 

                I learned Thomas was once a believer, but not anymore.  Yet here he was asking me questions we are told to be prepared to answer.  “Always be prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you, yet do this with gentleness and respect” (1 Peter 3:15).  Thomas was looking for objective, empirical evidence.  And you know what?  I couldn’t give it to him because it doesn’t currently exist.  Don’t get me wrong—there are many convincing signs pointing in the same direction.  The same Jesus who once walked the earth is very much alive.  Our God reigns.  But Thomas wanted actual proof. 

                So when will the skeptics of this world find the proof they seek?  Only when Jesus returns, riding on the clouds, will there be indisputable and universal proof.  Science won’t have an explanation about the resurrection of all humanity on that day.  But at last, the demands of the empirical and skeptical mind will be satisfied.  The hope of faithful believers will be vindicated.  The proof comes at the end.  Everyone will come to the same realization on that Last Day.  It’s just that, by God’s grace, we have arrived at that final and saving truth now.  The opportunity we have as Christians then is to relate everything to that moment and order our lives accordingly.  We are not called to give proof because that’s Jesus’ job.  But we are called to give a compelling and thoughtful reason for the hope that is in us.  Thomas helped me understand the difference. 

In Christ,

Pastor Matt Henry


Faith Communications

Want to tell the rest of the congregation, and others, about what’s happening in your committee or group?  Try one of these:

Sunday Bulletin: Submit your announcement in writing to the church office secretary (Becky) by Wednesday noon for the following Sunday. Becky’s email address is

Monthly Newsletter: Submit your article to the church office secretary (Becky) by the 20th of the month of the month prior to publication. E.g. If you want it in the April newsletter, Becky needs to have it by March 20.

Church Council Agenda Item: Submit the agenda item by the Sunday before the church council meeting. Please include a brief description of the issue or item, how much time you want, and who will speak to council.

Web Site: Submit your item, photo, or article you want included in the web site to  If you don’t want to write that down, go to the web site, click on the Contact Us button, and click on Webmaster.

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Summer Sunday School

Faith NEEDS you to teach summer Sunday school.

We are getting close to the end of the regular school year and we will be transitioning to a new set of teachers.  Please consider signing up for a week or two to help out.

Sing-up sheet in theinfo center.  Summer Sunday school runs from June 19 though September 4.

Activities - Events - News


Your children are invited to join us in Sunday school every Sunday morning at 10 am.  Meet in the sanctuary for opening.  All ages 3 and older are welcome!

A new class has begun called “The Life of David.”  There’s a twist, but for the most part, we’ll learn about David who was the shepherd king and giant killer, adulterer and warrior, musician and psalmist.  Join Pastor and crew in the Cedar room at 10 am. 


May 22 is the last youth group event of the school year! Meet at the Albaugh's house 6-8 pm for a night of games to celebrate the end of a fantastic year.  All youth grades 6-12 are welcome!

May 22 - Game Night May 29th – End of year party @ Albaugh’s

Stay tuned for the summer series of youth events.

Save the date for June 18 from 5-7 pm!  We are having a family night to include dinner and trivia at Faith!  This is a fundraiser for the National Youth Gathering in July.  Tickets sales start next Sunday the 29th.  Prices are $15/adult and $5/kid or a maximum of $40 per family.  Enjoy a night of authentic food, trivia and raffles with a chance to win prizes!  
Many thanks to those of you who have signed out stars from the VBS donations board!  There is still plenty of time (and need!) for your help, so swing by the VBS donation board today and grab a star or two.  You will notice a few updated items in the coming weeks now that VBS is one month away. Help us reach kids with the Gospel message of our greatest superhero, Jesus, this summer!

Thursday, May 26, at 10 am, is a special 3Ms day with a study on Titus at 10 am, followed by lunch at 11:15 am and pinochle too!  Thanks to lunch lady Julie Roberts and FLS for providing chicken alfredo, salad and breadsticks!

Last December the Human Rights Commission decided that businesses and schools should not have gender specific bathrooms/locker rooms/showers but instead should be open to one’s gender identity, regardless of biology.  Family Policy Institute of Washington is supporting Initiative 1515 to give voters the ability to decide the issue this fall.  If you are a registered voter, you can help restore privacy and common sense and protect children and women by signing a petition now available on the Info Center.  In order for this petition to succeed, we need to gather 325,000 by July 8.  Get involved and learn more at  If you have any questions, please speak with Pastor.
We are officially done taking in new registration sheets for VBS.  If your child missed their opportunity to go to Faith's VBS this year, we are sorry but look forward to having them next year!  Thank you to everyone who has already signed up to help.  We still have opportunities for helpers.

Here are the opportunities to help: Registration helper, opening/closing coordinator and helpers, Early Childhood: Craft coordinator, Games coordinator.  Upper Grades: leaders and helpers, games helper, memory work coordinator and helpers, set-up crew (Friday, June 19th 10 am-6 pm), clean-up crew (Friday, June 17 10 am-6 pm) Sign up in the fellowship hall today or contact Kenzie

It's not too late to sign up for church softball!  If you are interested, or know someone who is interested in playing church softball this summer, please contact Kenzie ASAP. We practice the last two Thursday nights in May.  Games are on Thursdays June and July.  Anyone over age 13 is welcome to join.

Energetic 6 month old seeking someone to play with while Grandma Becky is at work, Tuesday – Friday from 9 am – 2 pm.  To start ASAP, please inquire in the church office for more info.

We had enough sign up to go to the Rainer's game to get the group rate!  If you would like to bring your family, and sit on the 1st baseline for only $12.50 a ticket, contact Kenzie ASAP!  We can still add people to our group.  Sign up soon to sit with our Faith Lutheran group.  Shoot Kenzie an e-mail with the number of tickets you need!  June 11, 5:05 pm game, gates open at 3:30.
Mrs. Broman’s retirement party is June 4 at 5:00 pm in the community center.

8th grade graduation is June 8 at 7:00 pm in the Sanctuary.

All congregation members are invited to attend both these events.

Thank you so much for your hard work this week making the garden beds in front of the school office look amazing!

Calling all green thumbs (and regular thumbs too)!  Join us in keeping Faith Lutheran's grounds beautiful by taking care of one or more flower beds around campus.  A sign-up sheet is available in the Fellowship Hall.  Please contact Sarah Holdener, Interim Campus Manager, with questions at 360-491-3868 or

A big "thank you" to all who were involved with CareNet Pregnancy Center’s annual fundraiser WALK/RUN FOR LIFE!
Faith comes by hearing and you can hear the sung and spoken Word on many radio stations.  On the FM dial, check out 90.5 KACS, 88.1 Air One and Spirit 105.3.   Program in a Christian radio stations that suits you and your family.  You never know when God may use just the right message for just the right time.

If you would like your giving contributions automatically withdrawn from your bank account, contact Jenn Bache at 491-3552 or

Parents, looking for a website for children that you can trust? Visit for games, puzzles, crafts, recipes, Bible stories and more. This is a great combination of faith and fun that your child (and you) will appreciate. Thanks to Lutheran Hour Ministries for helping to "raise up families and followers of Jesus Christ"!