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"Raising Up Families and Followers of Jesus Christ"
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Grace and Peace to you from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ!


Faith Lutheran is committed to teaching the Word of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Come and worship with us as we share the GOOD NEWS with all who would listen.  See what we believe and practice as an LCMS congregation.  


Sunday Worship Schedule

8:30 a.m. - Traditional Worship Service

11:15 a.m. - Contemporary Worship & Praise Service

Holy Communion is celebrated the 1st, 3rd, and 5th
Sunday of each month

Child care is available for both services and during Bible class.

Sunday School and Adult Bible Classes

The Education Hour starts at 10:00 am.  The children meet in the sanctuary for their opening and then go to classes.  Adults can attend classes in the Cedar room.

February to April Extended Calendar        January Newsletter
Please click on the button above for a detailed calendar of activities and events.

The Quick Calendar

Sat Feb 6 5:00 pm Family Fun Night
Sun Feb 7 8:30 am Worship with Holy Communion
    10:00 am Education hour
    11:15 am Contemporary worship with Holy Communion
      No youth meeting - enjoy the Super Bowl
Tue Feb 9 8:30 am Faith hosts Circuit pastors' conference
    2:45 pm Drama club presents Simply Cinderella
    5:00 pm Drama club presents Simply Cinderella
    6:45 pm All Boards meeting
Wed Feb 10 10:00 am Ash Wednesday service
    7:00 pm Ash Wednesday service
    8:00 pm Choir rehersal
Thu Feb 11 10:00 am 3M's Valentine's Day party
Sat Feb 13 7:30 am Men of Faith
    8:00 am P.I.E. Community garage sale
    9:00 am Confirmation
Sun Feb 14 8:30 am Worship
    10:00 am Education hour
    11:15 am Contemporary worship
    6:00 pm Youth - Valentine's Day party
Tue Feb 16 6:00 pm Church council
Wed Feb 17 6:00 pm Handbell practice
    7:00 pm Choir rehersal
Thu Feb 18 8:00 am Concordia Seminary visit
    10:00 am 3M's Bible study
Sat Feb 20 9:00 am Threads of Faith
Sun Feb 21 8:30 am Worship with Holy Communion
    10:00 am Education hour
    11:15 am Contemporary worship with Holy Communion
    1:00 pm Essentials class
    6:00 pm Youth  - World Record Breakers
Wed Feb 24 6:00 pm Handbell practice
    7:00 pm Choir rehersal
Thu Feb 25 10:00 am 3M's Bible study
    11:30 am Pinochle
Sun Feb 28 8:30 am Worship
    10:00 am Education hour
    11:15 am Contemporary worship
    12:30 pm Voter's meeting and potluck following late service
    6:00 pm Youth - Volleyball

Important Events Farther in the Future

Sat Apr 2 8:00 am Discipling training
Sat May 14   Faith's Annual Auction

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Notes from Pastor Matt

Dear Faith Family,  

One of the things that makes the Great Commission so great is its totality of scope, purpose and outcome.  I’ve studied it many times, but this time around, the word “all” kept popping out to me.  I’ve arranged the text here and marked it as such to help us also see the main imperative and the means of making it happen:  

All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 
Therefore, as you go, make disciples of all nations,
baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey all that I have commanded you.  And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”  (Matthew 28:18-20)

There’s one more “all” that is implied:  the hearer.  All believers in Christ have the potential to be and are called to be disciple makers.  All believers!  There are no loopholes here.  By virtue of your Baptism, you have the authority and power to disciple for we took on the mission and mandate of Christ when we were joined to Him.

But that doesn’t mean everyone is ready now to be a discipler, just as the Twelve weren’t ready at the beginning.  It takes real life and real relationships.  At Faith, the primary way we disciple people is through life groups.  These groups are led by a life group leader whose purpose and role is to help facilitate a healthy relational environment where the Holy Spirit goes to work!  Life groups meet often to discuss and apply the message from Sunday worship and they also do “life together” by serving or just having fun.

To better equip those who want to become life group leaders, we offer discipling training.  The next session on Saturday, April 2, 8 am - 2 pm.  We are now at the exciting point of inviting you and other churches to learn about the biblical and insightful process as presented in Real Life Discipleship by Jim Putman.  Last year, about 50 people from Faith attended this training.  Some have become life group leaders, others just appreciated learning about the process.

Life group leaders attend this training and are also chosen on the basis of their spiritual maturity.  Spiritual parents and young adults (with some supervision) are in a position to disciple those who are children, infants or have yet to be born again/baptized.  All people are valued and important, but just like physical development, our spiritual development has different needs and abilities at different stages.  Knowing where we are is important self-diagnostic.

Bottom line:  discipling begins with a one-time all-important event (Baptism) which inaugurates a lifelong process (teaching people to obey all that Jesus has commanded).  Discipling is the mission Jesus described and demonstrated, therefore discipling is for all of us, for all time.  His commission is both thrilling and worthwhile, but it takes intentionality and investing in others.  Only when we disciple others do we learn how Jesus meant exactly all He said.

In Christ,

Pastor Matt Henry

Faith Communications

Want to tell the rest of the congregation, and others, about what’s happening in your committee or group?  Try one of these:

Sunday Bulletin: Submit your announcement in writing to the church office secretary (Becky) by Wednesday noon for the following Sunday. Becky’s email address is

Monthly Newsletter: Submit your article to the church office secretary (Becky) by the 20th of the month of the month prior to publication. E.g. If you want it in the April newsletter, Becky needs to have it by March 20.

Church Council Agenda Item: Submit the agenda item by the Sunday before the church council meeting. Please include a brief description of the issue or item, how much time you want, and who will speak to council.

Web Site: Submit your item, photo, or article you want included in the web site to  If you don’t want to write that down, go to the web site, click on the Contact Us button, and click on Webmaster.

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Join the fun on February 6th 5 – 7:30 pm
in the Faith Community Center

BINGO starts at 5:30
$5 person / $25 max per family
Entrance Fee includes:
Unlimited Bingo
Hot Dogs, Chili,
Chips, Nachos

Bring your Mug for Rootbeer Floats!

Activities - Events - News

Your kids are invited to join us in Sunday school every Sunday morning at 10 am.  Meet in the sanctuary for opening.  All ages 3 and older are welcome!

We had some huge discoveries about how the seven feasts of Leviticus 23 (of all places!) correspond very directly to the life of Christ.  This class is about cherishing the Jewish roots of the Messiah.  He is present in the feasts and there is so much hidden right there in the open.  We have great DVD material from Jews for Jesus.  See how the Bible all holds together in Yeshua (Jesus)!  Join us in the Cedar room at 10 am.     


February 7 - No Youth Night (enjoy the Super Bowl)
February 14 - Valentine's Day Party
February 21 - World Record Breakers
February 28 - Volleyball

Youth nights are open to all youth grades 6-12!  Meet in the Youth Room from 6-8 pm every Sunday evening.  For questions, contact Kenzie at any time!

Lent is nearly upon us.  Ash Wednesday is February 10.  We will have two services, 10 am and 7 pm, and both will offer the imposition of ashes (optional).
The holidays are over and spring is coming!  How about we begin the spring cleaning early!  The youth are hosting a rummage sale on April 2 here at Faith. Please feel free to donate items you would like to get rid of!   All donations can be placed in the men's locker room.

Come watch the middle school drama club perform their first play right here at Faith on Tuesday, February 9 at 2:45 pm or 5:00 pm.  They will be performing 'Simply Cinderella.'  This will be a modern version of the classic Cinderella story we all grew up with.  Support our students from Faith Lutheran School!

2016 Students (grades 5-8) are off to Portland for LEST (Lutheran Elementary School Tournament) February 11-13.  Thanks for keeping them in prayer!

Have you heard the good news?  We are up to 99 investors!! We are getting so close!  Just 7 away from meeting the top tier rebate of Shared Blessings!  We’ve earned about $24,000.  This final tier will earn an additional $8,000. Thank you so much!  Here’s where we stand:
New Accounts Needed:             Estimated Rebate                                                                           (over 4.5 years)  
 7 (total of 106)                           $32,022  

The money from LCEF’s “Shared Blessings” comes with no restrictions on how its spent.  The only limitation is time.  We have a five year window to maximize our rebate.  When we refinanced last summer, the clock started ticking.  The sooner we get there, the greater the rebate.

The easiest way to sign up is through a Young Investor (Y.I.) account for children and youth.  The minimum deposit is just $25 and the first $1,000 balance earns 3.5% APR.  You can sign up your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, anyone!  This makes for a useful and meaningful gift!   Plus, they can earn money for good grades and community service!  You can sign up on-line or just use a paper form in the fellowship hall.  You will need birthdates and SS#’s.     

Want your own investment?  The Connect Plus for new investors is a two year term note at 3.0%!

If you have any questions, talk to Pastor or call Lutheran Church Extension Fund at 1-800-843-5233, central time, or go on-line at  Thanks for your stewardship!

Look for a great FLS dollar-for-dollar matching opportunity in your church mailbox and on the Info Center Sunday, February 7!  Thanks to a generous donation from an anonymous donor, any gift received in February for school scholarships will be matched, up to a total of $3,000!
After February 15, we are rekeying the exterior doors of the church building.  If you have a key to the church building, please contact campus manager Sally Henry, 360-491-3868 or to make arrangements to trade in your key for a new one.  Thank you for your patience as we make this transition.

The youth of Faith Lutheran Church invite you to help send them on their way to New Orleans for the LCMS National Youth Gathering this summer.  On the bulletin board you’ll find some envelopes, each with a number (donation amount).  Simply grab an envelope (or more than one) of the amount you’d like to give.  Enclose your special gift in that envelope and place in the offering plate.  Thanks for supporting the youth and the future of the church!
Calling all vocalists, bell-ringers and instrumentalists.  Planning has begun and Easter music selected.  Please let us know if you would be singing, ringing and bringing your talents to share in the joy of Easter.  Choir rehearsals will begin on February 10 right after the Ash Wednesday evening service.  Easter is March 27 this time is slipping by quickly.  The Ensemble will also be working on new music and will practice on Thursdays.  The Hand-bells will also be played again this year.  Come join one or all 3 groups. Contact Lisa Thiesse (360) 349-3437.

Faith Lutheran school serves students in preschool (age 3) through 8th grade.  Currently we have 190 students and we have a goal of 200 or more for the 2016-2017 school year.  Reenrollment is right around the corner.  Registration for families currently enrolled or for congregation members begins at 7:15 am on February 17.  Many classes fill up quickly so don’t miss out.  Registration packets will be available any time after February 10.
All right fellas, Valentine’s Day really is right around the corner.  With a little planning you can create a day she will never forget.  Need flowers?  Haggen has quality arrangements.  Taking your girl out to eat?  Cheesecake Factory or Old Spaghetti Factory are fine choices.  How about a little something from Bath and Body Works?  The best part is you can buy scrip to make all this possible!  Just stop by the school window after service to get yours today.

School Parents: Did you know Scrip can lower your tuition costs?  Just fill out a simple form and 50% of the profit will be credited to your account!

Auction tickets are now on sale in the school office for $40/person.  Buy before March 1 and receive a Faith Lutheran water bottle.  Save money and buy early!  Auction is May 14. Ticket prices:
  $40—February 1 to April 1
  $50—April 11 to May 13
  $65—Day of the auction and at the door
Faith comes by hearing and you can hear the sung and spoken Word on many radio stations.  On the FM dial, check out 90.5 KACS, 88.1 Air One and Spirit 105.3.   Program in a Christian radio stations that suits you and your family.  You never know when God may use just the right message for just the right time.

If you would like your giving contributions automatically withdrawn from your bank account, contact Jenn Bache at 491-3552 or

Parents, looking for a website for children that you can trust? Visit for games, puzzles, crafts, recipes, Bible stories and more. This is a great combination of faith and fun that your child (and you) will appreciate. Thanks to Lutheran Hour Ministries for helping to "raise up families and followers of Jesus Christ"!