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"Raising Up Families and Followers of Jesus Christ"
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Grace and Peace to you from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ!


Faith Lutheran is committed to teaching the Word of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Come and worship with us as we share the GOOD NEWS with all who would listen.  See what we believe and practice as an LCMS congregation.  


Sunday Worship Schedule

8:30 a.m. - Traditional Worship Service

11:15 a.m. - Contemporary Worship & Praise Service

Holy Communion is celebrated the 1st, 3rd, and 5th
Sunday of each month

Child care is available for both services and during Bible class.

Sunday School and Adult Bible Classes

The Education Hour starts at 10:00 am.  The children meet in the sanctuary for their opening and then go to classes.  Adults can attend classes in the Cedar and Cyprus rooms.

August to October Extended Calendar        August Newsletter
Please click on the button above for a detailed calendar of activities and events.

The Quick Calendar

Sat Aug 29 9:00 am Faith work day
Sun Aug 30 8:30 am Traditional worship with Holy Communion
    9:30 am Special voters' meeting - LCMS Convention lay delegate nomination
    10:00 am Education hour
    11:15 am Contemporary worship with Holy Communion
Thu Sep 3 9:00 am Faith Lutheran School Open House
    10:00 am 3M's Bible study
      Childcare closed
Fri Sep 4   Childcare closed
Sat Sep 5   Childcare closed
Sun Sep 6 8:30 am Worship with Holy Communion
    10:00 am Education hour - last day of summer Sunday School
    11:15 am Contemporary worship with Holy Communion
Mon Sep 7   Childcare closed
Tue Sep 8 6:45 pm All Boards
      Childcare closed
Wed Sep 9   First day of Faith Lutheran School
Thu Sep 10 10:00 am 3M's Bible study
Sat Sep 12 7:30 am Men of Faith
    9:00 am Confirmation
    10:00 am Prayer Shawl Ministry
Sun Sep 13 8:30 am Worship
    10:00 am Education hour
    11:15 am Contemporary worship
Tue Sep 15 6:00 pm Church council
Thu Sep 17 10:00 am 3M's Bible study
Sat Sep 19 9:00 am Threads of Faith
Sun Sep 20 8:30 am Worship with Holy Communion
    10:00 am Education hour
    11:15 am Contemporary worship with Holy Communion
Thu Sep 24 10:00 am 3M's Bible study
Fri Sep 25   Regional Outreach Conference (LHM), St Luke's  Federal Way
Sun Sep 27 8:30 am Worship
    10:00 am Education hour
    11:15 am Contemporary worship

Important Events Farther in the Future

Sat Oct 17 8:00 am Discipling training

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Notes from Pastor Matt

Dear Faith Family,

Last week, a twelve year old boy from Taiwan made the news completely by accident.  He very innocently stumbled over a rope barrier while walking near framed art on display.  The picture was entitled “Flowers” and it was the work of Baroque artist Paola Porpora who lived about 350 years ago.  It was among fifty paintings of a traveling art expo from the Italian renaissance era.  The value of “Flowers” is (or should we say was) $1.5 million.  In order to catch himself, the boy’s hand punched a hole through the masterpiece.  The surveillance camera catches the boy looking in disbelief.  Talk about putting the “trip” in field trip!   Fortunately for him, the museum is not suing, insurance is covering the loss, and as for the picture itself, it’s being restored by a local artist in Taiwan before it’s returned to Italy. 

This art-gone-wrong story got me thinking.  Every person is a uniquely created masterpiece.  Every human being is made in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-27).  That image we still bear, but one of the disastrous consequences of the fall of man was how we marred the image of God in us.   It’s punched through, doodled over like a yearbook page, but the image is still there.  Despite the damage we do or is done to us, accidental or intentional, the image is not completely lost.  And it may take the equivalent of an artist’s touch, but to go beyond the damage, to see the original as it once was, that’s something the Spirit of the living God is doing in us.  We are in the process of being restored.

How does this restoration happen?  I think it’s wherever grace is received through faith—in the washing of baptism, the words of forgiveness, in the strengthening of the meal.  But it also comes in discipling.  If Christ bears perfectly the image of God, and if discipling is to become like Him and help others follow Him, we should expect to see the image among us.  That’s something to display and it’s also something to bring out in others.  The life groups that we’ve established (and there will be more to come) are for the single purpose of discipling—that is, helping people grow unto the maturity and fullness of Christ.

Restoration is a process.  After all, it’s been this many years later since Christ first called the disciples to follow Him, and even when sin trips us up, we can take comfort by how the original Artist is still working with us.

In Christ,

Pastor Matt Henry


Faith Communications

Want to tell the rest of the congregation, and others, about what’s happening in your committee or group?  Try one of these:

Sunday Bulletin: Submit your announcement in writing to the church office secretary (Rebekka) by Wednesday noon for the following Sunday. Rebekka’s email address is

Monthly Newsletter: Submit your article to the church office secretary (Rebekka) by the 20th of the month of the month prior to publication. E.g. If you want it in the April newsletter, Rebekka needs to have it by March 20.

Church Council Agenda Item: Submit the agenda item by the Sunday before the church council meeting. Please include a brief description of the issue or item, how much time you want, and who will speak to council.

Web Site: Submit your item, photo, or article you want included in the web site to  If you don’t want to write that down, go to the web site, click on the Contact Us button, and click on Webmaster.

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There is a special voters’ meeting Sunday, August 30 at 9:30 am, directly following the conclusion of the early service.  There’s just one item on the agenda and that is to officially approve delegates to the Nisqually circuit forum which Faith will host at a later date (sometime before October 9).  We always love it when people come to a voters’ meeting for the first time—this would be a brief one to get in on!

Activities - Events - News

A new class began Sunday, August 23 -- Modern Day Heroes of the Faith!  The great cloud of witnesses encourage us when we know what they faced and how they persevered.  Come, learn their story!  Join Pastor and crew in the Cedar room at 10 am.

A new year of Sunday School begins on September 13, Rally Day!  We’re looking for teachers for the school year.  You can tag team with someone or take it on yourself!  Talk to Kenzie for more information.  Curriculum is provided.  Think of all the growth (for teacher and student alike) that comes from Sunday School!
Now that we have refinanced our mortgage with Lutheran Church Extension Fund, we have the opportunity to participate in a rebate incentive called “Shared Blessings.”  If we have enough people open accounts with LCEF (such as CDs, money markets, emergency savings, youth savings) we can earn more than $35,000 for Faith in rebates over the next five years.  And the clock is now ticking!  One household can have multiple products (ex., a CD for parents or youth accounts for the kids) and some accounts only require $25 to open, so our goal of 100 new accounts is well within reach. Investors receive a better than market return on their money and also benefit the Lutheran Church.  LCEF is a non-profit ministry that helps build LCMS churches and schools.  Learn more at or 1-800-843-5233. 
We are getting closer.  We’ve now received $26,269.25 toward our goal of $28,000 for the Director of Christian Education Intern Fund.  Thanks to all who have given an “above and beyond” gift to help fund the DCE intern position through year’s end.  Recently, the voters gave a formal go-ahead to offer Kenzie a 21 hr/week position starting in January 2016.  If you are able to give, please mark on the envelope or memo line “DCE.”   Thanks for your support!     

Opening chapel is on September 9 at 8:45.  How blessed we are to be able to open our school year in worship.  You are invited to join the celebration.

Becky Kellnhofer is our new church secretary.  Please stop in to say hello!

Trivia question:  What’s the newest LCMS congregation in the Northwest District?  It’s Christ the Son of God Lutheran Church in Seattle.  On August 29, they installed a pastor.  His name is Beniam Habthemariam and he has served as a church planter in Ethiopia and South Africa and now has completed the colloquy process.  This congregation ministers in the Amharic language to the large and diverse Ethiopian population in central and south Seattle.  Keep this church in your prayers!  Praise God!

We have a few projects around the church and school that will spruce up the campus before school begins.  A hot dog lunch will be provided.  If you have the skills, work gloves, cleaning supplies or just the inclination, come join us on Saturday, August 29 from 9 am to 3 pm.  Can’t come for the entire day?  Come for an hour or two.  Many hands make light work  Contact Sally Henry,

It’s back to school time, which means Box Top and Labels for Education offers are featured in your local grocery store.  Please make use of these deals!  They are real money to the school.

In-service for the teachers began on August 24.  The buildings were humming with excitement and activity.  Our theme for our back to school in-service was fishing.  Every day the fishing is good here at Faith Lutheran.  We learned that fishing takes planning, preparation, participation, patience and practice.  We also have discovered that fishing for men (women, children and families included) also requires planning, preparation, participation, patience and practice.  We are well equipped to be fishers of men.  We feel we have all the right tools which include God’s word, prayer, and as I mentioned plenty of patience.  It takes time to build relationships which is often the hook used to catch someone for Jesus.  Please pray for our teachers as we go fishing this 2015-2016 school year.

Faith Lutheran School is wishing to hire a teacher assistant for our 3rd / 4th grade classroom.  The hours are 8:30 – 11:30 Monday – Friday.  Please email Mrs. White at if you are interested.

It’s that time.  Concordia Publishing House is having their annual Bible sale!  From now to September 30, you can save up to 33% on The Lutheran Study Bible, The Lutheran Bible Companion, La Biblia de la Reforma (Spanish study Bible), and many more.  See the sign-up sheet near the Info Center or contact the Church Office for more information.  There is  more information in the August newsletter.

Youth: Please turn in your $50 non-refundable deposit to Kenzie by September 6.
We are excited to have 183 students enrolled for the 2015 – 2016 school year.  It is likely that by September 9 (the first day of school) that number will be even higher.  It is a privilege to be able to serve these students and families.  We still have room for your children.  Please call the school office (360-491-1733) or check out our website for more information.

The first class of confirmation for 7th and 8th graders is Saturday, September 12, 9 am – noon.  This year’s curriculum focuses on learning the story of the Bible as a whole, from Genesis to the maps!  Parents, look for information on e-mail from Pastor.  We’ll have confirmation on second Saturdays of the month.  Let’s grow and go deeper in the faith.

You can buy scrip (gift cards) that support Faith at the school office window on Sundays, but what if you could get scrip instantly--even on your phone!  You can with Scrip Now and Presto Pay.  This week a new Scrip Now retailer was added--Ebay, and there are many others, including restaurants and retail stores.  Give it a try and learn more

If you would like to receive Pastor’s sermons by e-mail, simply drop him a note at and he will add you to the distribution list!  Sermons may also be found on Faith’s website.


Faith comes by hearing and you can hear the sung and spoken Word on many radio stations.  On the FM dial, check out 90.5 KACS, 88.1 Air One and Spirit 105.3.   Program in a Christian radio stations that suits you and your family.  You never know when God may use just the right message for just the right time.

If you would like your giving contributions automatically withdrawn from your bank account, contact Jenn Bache at 491-3552 or

Parents, looking for a website for children that you can trust? Visit for games, puzzles, crafts, recipes, Bible stories and more. This is a great combination of faith and fun that your child (and you) will appreciate. Thanks to Lutheran Hour Ministries for helping to "raise up families and followers of Jesus Christ"!