New Roof Campaign

The Plan

We have a plan for a much needed new Sanctuary roof. When we near our goal of $90,000.00 we will begin construction. Please give what you can.

Church Roof: What Needs Fixed & The Plan To Fix It


The church roof’s existing PVC membrane has reached its age limit for keeping seam integrity. Furthermore:

  1. Evidence of severe welded seam failure is prevalent throughout the current roof.

  2. The existing roof’s cricket system does not provide enough water diversion for proper evacuation of accumulating water before penetration beneath the membrane occurs.

  3. All corner flashings of the roof have raised, preventing water from disbanding over them.

  4. Existing flush, inside and outside corner patches are failing in many areas and long, loose folds are clearly visible, causing areas of standing water.


The project’s scope includes removing the failing membrane, repairing and replacing venting, restructuring the roof’s cricket system, and installing a new TPO membrane. Partial removal of the existing roofing system is necessary as many areas require repair. Restructuring of the roof’s cricket system is needed to properly displace and evacuate water in the most efficient direction; this will remove any standing water issues and significantly lower standing water time on the new membrane. All HVAC venting, electrical and roof pipe venting will be replaced with prefabricated weld connections that will not leak. The labor and material will be covered under full warranty.

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Traditional Giving

You can give cash or check during regular weekly worship services. Simply specify "New Roof" on the memo line of your personal check or giving envelope.

Online Giving

Should you find it in your heart to give weekly, we've simplified the process by enabling you to authorize a regular, automated transfer from your checking, savings or credit card account directly to the church campaign fund account. It's a confidential and convenient way to support the church. This method also allows you to track your giving history and make changes quickly and easily. Enter the amount you would like to gift to the New Roof Campaign

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