Did you know you can give to Faith as you shop? By purchasing SCRIP (gift cards) Faith earns a rebate and you still get 100% of the card's value. There are thousands of stores and sites--including Amazon, restaurants, retail and big box stores! SCRIP can be used for groceries, gas, gifts--wherever you spend money already. Orders are placed weekly, or shop what is on-hand. If you prefer to avoid physical gift cards, get connected with MyScripWallet; you can purchase and use SCRIP for over 100 retailers right from your iPhone or Android device and receive it instantly! Find more information by clicking the link to the right.


If you have a student here at Faith, you know a little help with tuition goes a long way. Making your everyday purchases with SCRIP can do just that!  50% of what your family earns for Faith can be applied to offset your child’s tuition. The more SCRIP you use, the greater your benefit!

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