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We currently offer streaming of our worship services via a service called RESI. It provides a significantly more stable video stream, and we pray that it will prevent many of the issues that we have been encountering — freezing video, audio clipping, etc. On the 5th we invite you to go to in order to join in worship at Faith Lutheran. As you join, you do not have to create an account. You should see an interface that shows a black box for watching the live stream. There will also be a side bar where you can select a built-in Bible, any notes for the service, and a schedule for upcoming live streams. In the future there will be a place to chat with other online worship attenders.


Gather and Grow will start at 9:30, generally lasting about 45 minutes.  We wanted to get away from the title “Education Hour” moving forward for several reasons, so we’re trying out a name that’s a little more fun and flexible.  Some classes will last longer or shorter depending on the class.  Different age groups will have different formats.


Continuing through April, David Hinz leads an adult Bible study on Questions. You are welcome to join us at 9:30 am in the Cypress room.


We encounter a variety of questions as we read through the Bible. Such as when God asked Adam: “Where are you?” Or, when Jesus asked a blind man: “What do you want me to do for you?” Or, a jailer asked Paul: “What must I do to be saved? Or, when Saul agonizingly asked: “Who are you, Lord?”


In a broad sense, in our faith-lives these are questions that might be asked of us, or we ourselves might ask.

For the next four Sundays we will consider a variety of such questions, examining the context and exploring possible personal applications.


The Faith Lutheran auction, Midnight Masquerade, is set for Saturday, April 27, 2024. Can you feel the excitement? Have you purchased your tickets?


Who benefits from Faith’s auction?


Live Auction: (Classroom Projects, Vacation Packages, Sporting Event Tickets, & More!);

Campus safety upgrades

Silent Auction: (Gift Baskets, Weekend Getaways, and More!); Sports equipment, team uniforms

Dessert Dash: Faith Youth Group Scholarship for National Youth Gathering.

Paddle Bids: School Scholarship Support

Raffle: (Raffle winner to receive $1000 off school tuition or childcare expenses); Early Childhood Education Curriculum.


If you still need to purchase your ticket or know a business that would like to sponsor this event, please visit the auction website HERE or contact the church or school office with questions, donations and to volunteer.


We come to hearts united by faith in Him to invite you to come alongside us to pray together for our country, government, and its citizens in the midst of the great chaos that has descended upon us.


The next meeting of the “Prayer Group” is on March 23, 2024 from 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. in the Cypress Room (Faith Community Center). Please, join us as we pray for the return of our Nation to a “One Nation Under God.” Some of our attendees pray silently and some read inspirational material. Please consider stopping by and spending a few minutes with us. You may also contact Glenn Dunnam @ 36zero-79one-41seven5 with any prayer requests.


The 3M’s (More Mature Members), a group designed for seniors 55+, meet in the Community Center Cedar room weekly on Thursdays at 10:00am for an hour and a half to share in fellowship and study God's Word.


Occasionally, trips and traditions take us off campus. For more information, contact Jim Nordness or leave a note in his church mailbox. You may also call the church office at 360-491-3552.


Join us for Pinochle the third Thursday of the month at 11:30 am in the Cypress room.

You are welcome to bring a lunch.


Join us April 18!


Meeting needs through sponsorship to Faith’s members who are sick, grieving or homebound. Please connect with the church office, or 360-491-3552 to get involved in an effort to keep these friends connected and feeling they are still a part of Faith’s community.


Would you like to dedicate Altar flowers for a birthday, anniverary, in memory of, or other special occasion? We now have a flower calendar in the Fellowship Hall where you can sign up! You may also email the church office at Please have your flowers to the church Friday before 3:00 pm or Saturday morning before 11:00 am.


As we look to the future and seek God’s direction, we have the opportunity to improve on how we support and equip you. PLEASE click on this link (or copy or type it into your browser): Though it says “S.H.A.P.E. TEST” at the top, it’s really about you observing yourself and (if you’re willing) sharing yourself with us. There really isn’t a “right” or “wrong”. Please have the rest of your family take this survey as well.

See our newsletter for more information.


A wonderful resource to help your child understand the what, how and why of Lutheran worship is now available through LCMS called “Kids in the Divine Service”. Visit to see what is available.  This is also a great resource for anyone who may be new to the Lutheran faith.


Faith comes by hearing and you can hear the sung and spoken Word on many radio stations.  Program in a Christian radio station that suits you and your family.  You never know when God may use just the right message for just the right time. 


On the FM dial, check out 88.1 Air1, 90.5 KACS, 98.5 & 104.5 K Love and Spirit 105.3  

Stream online, ,,

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