Becky Kellnhofer
Church Secretary

Becky was born and raised in central Wisconsin. She married her husband Vernon in 1994 and was actively involved in the Army lifestyle and a stay-at-home mom to 3 girls for nine years before joining the Faith family in August 2015. Her family settled on Steamboat Island a few years ago and now live the hobby farm dream! She became a first time grandma in November 2015 and is happily raising her granddaughter with her husband and daughters.

Jenn Bache
Financial Administrator

Jenn is responsible for daily administration of accounts payable and receivable, payroll, employee benefits, handling confidential documents, monitoring budgets and cash flow, financial reporting, creating and maintaining databases. Jenn is happily married to her soulmate DeAngelo. A busy mom of four boys, she is hoping for lots of granddaughters someday! She enjoys watching her boys play baseball and performing in plays. Her office has been painted pink and she loves to look out her window and see her son Sammy playing on the playground.

Campus Manager

My name is Mike Todd. I was born in Denver, CO, moved to Washington when I was around two years old and ended up in Lacey when I was in sixth grade at Lydia Hawk. I was confirmed right here at Faith in 1968. I met my wife, Gaye, while we both worked at Albertson’s, got married in 1974 and have been blessed with three children, Tami, Jacob, Carin, six grandkids and one great-granddaughter. 


My employment history is primarily in retail as well as property maintenance and janitorial.  If I may be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Mike Todd

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